Hot Air Balloon Ride


My first time in a Hot Air Balloon! If you have never taken a Hot Air Balloon ride, I highly suggest you add that to your next vacation!

You can ride along with me in a Hot Air Balloon in this video:


My husband surprised me with this amazing Hot Air Balloon ride with Champagne. It was so sweet and so romantic.

[Just a little FYI: I am terrified of heights!!]

My husband is VERY adventurous and I am not! I was terrified when we started floating up, but once we were gliding through the air it was completely relaxing. It was very calm, quiet and so beautiful.

Even if you are terrified of heights like I am, I think you will love it. feels really good to conquer that fear!

I can now say I floated through the air in a basket tied to a balloon and loved every second of it!!


What an amazing adventure that I will treasure forever.