A Step Inside Van Gogh’s Most Famous Paintings


This week Compass Rose Leisure stepped into the paintings of Van Gogh at the amazing Van Gogh Immersive Experience in Houston, Texas.  The Immersive Experience features a 20,000 square foot two-story projection that surrounds you 360 degrees.  It truly feels as if you have stepped inside some of Van Gogh’s most famous masterpieces.  This exhibit wonderfully outlines the life of Van Gogh, his techniques and works of art. 

Step inside Van Gogh's paintings with Compass Rose Leisure in this video:


This exhibit is wonderful for all ages.  It is very family and kid friendly.  It is a great field trip for school groups, outing for families or even a romantic date night. 


Virtual Reality

Make sure to check out the Virtual Reality option at the end of the experience.  It takes you through “A day in the life of the Artist.”  This is a must do to get the overall experience!  It was incredible.  This exhibit has put together a beautiful peaceful journey for you to experience several of Van Gogh’s famous paintings and the inspirations behind them.  Definitely try it…It is amazing!

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